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My first! Puerto Galera Escapade: An unplanned getaway with the best travel buddies!

It actually started with the meeting of the bitches minds to get even with the most disliked person in the world. And of course to enjoy the summer. More fun, fun, fun! It's actually More Fun in the Philippines!

There were actually different choices initially:

1. Baguio City - to enjoy cooler environment and get-away from the super noisy Metro Manila
2. Pangasinan - Hundred Island - Been there but not them.
3. Puerto Galera - Never been there, to chill by the beach.
4. Batangas - bitches by the beach
5. Enchanted Kingdom - enjoy life and be like child again

But of course, as a certified bitch, we've decided a day or two before the getaway to just go to a beach! Puerto Galera it is! And coincidentally, Ms Ate Bhing asked when are we going to the beach, then we just invited her to come with us. And there you go, the four of to PG after friday's shift!

Bus Ride to Batangas pier......slept the whole time we traveled to the pier!



Then finally …