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Palawan Explorers: Day 2 - Underground River

Coming from working the night before, needed to wake up early for our Underground River Tour. At 7:30, our van arrived our tour was set. Our tour guide introduced himself but can't remember his name! As our tour guide, he talks a lot. Talking about the history of Palawan, the natives of Palawan which there are four (i can't remember either); the discoverers of Palawan and every Barangay we passed. He's talking in English just because we have a foreigner companion in the van {another success story}. What's so great about the tour guides in Palawan is that, they are not very fluent in the English language but they make sure they convey the information in English. Though comparing "manong" from our tour guide the first time I was there, he is much better. One major problem, though, is the usage of correct terms. "Approaching ahead" may be acceptable, but "approaching to your right" sounds just not right! But overall, he is good and even bette…

It's More Fun in the Philippines - Palawan Adventure Day 1

Scheduled to leave at 6AM on a friday morning but turned out to be 7:30 due to some deliverable and due to me on PTO on Friday and Monday. Needed to complete everything prior to leaving.

All's well when we finally settled and off to the airport.

At the airport, upon checking in, went for a quick breakfast to be ready for the day and coming from the shift the night before, needed to energize and recharge for the coming long day.

Leaving Manila is also a hard day since Spurs will also be playing against Heat for the NBA Finals Game 4. A must-watch game since Spurs is going for their third win and on to a comfortable lead. Good thing that at the airport, there are already televisions mounted on waiting lounges so we were able to watch the first and second quarters. It was a close fight for the first 2 quarters, and having that confidence that Spurs will win the game since they are also playing at Spurs Homecourt giving the SA an advantage over Miami.

But after landing at the Puerto Princ…