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Palawan Explorers: Day 2 - Underground River

Coming from working the night before, needed to wake up early for our Underground River Tour. At 7:30, our van arrived our tour was set. Our tour guide introduced himself but can't remember his name! As our tour guide, he talks a lot. Talking about the history of Palawan, the natives of Palawan which there are four (i can't remember either); the discoverers of Palawan and every Barangay we passed. He's talking in English just because we have a foreigner companion in the van {another success story}. What's so great about the tour guides in Palawan is that, they are not very fluent in the English language but they make sure they convey the information in English. Though comparing "manong" from our tour guide the first time I was there, he is much better. One major problem, though, is the usage of correct terms. "Approaching ahead" may be acceptable, but "approaching to your right" sounds just not right! But overall, he is good and even better than my first. More information shared and more accommodating.

As usual, he tends to joke around, but since it is in English, sometimes, his jokes are really not funny and entertaining. If it should have been in Tagalog, it may have  been better.

The trip to the wharf is about 1 1/2 to 2 hours so we need to listen to manong tour guide's story telling. It is very informative and shared some very interesting facts. Then 45 minutes, we were halfway through the trip and made a stop-over for some bathroom activities. Did some picture taking while waiting for the others to finish. Beautiful shots.
the bitches
the duyan version

Then we again continued our journey. Silence consumed the whole van aside from manong tour guide occasionally cracking jokes about anything. Then halfway through, another stop over which is the Karst Mountain Elephant Cave. This landmark was utilized by Amazing Race Philippines as part of the 11th leg of the race. Did some picture taking, as usual.

Then off to the wharf for our bangka ride to the Underground River. While at the wharf, since we have not had our breakfast yet and we are starving, we bought some bread just to satisfy our hunger! Then waited for our turn for the bangka.

Then off to the river! The travel is approximately half an hour and the good thing is that, the sea is calm and the weather is not so hot! But I am. 

Since this is my second time to be there, I don't really have much expectations about the place. Nothing's much changed except that there is already a better pathway built so going to the river is better now. Had some pictures along the way.

The inside of the cave is marvelous! Many structured rocks formed from ceiling down to the floor. Stalactites and stalagmites. Beautiful creation. God's creation.  It's just amazing how these rocks were formed. It is nature's very beautiful work. 



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